Nurturing sustainable performance


At Douglas OHI we know that a cultivation of sustainable employees protects not just the longevity of the business, but also the community as a whole – local, national, GCC and globally. We have taken a step back and looked inwards towards our greatest asset – our employees. Our aim is to build a sustainable workforce, with sustainable performance of which the cornerstones are passion and learning.

By uniting the two we have the ‘drive’ and the ‘know-how’ to make good progress.

Our focus is to build capacity and develop our people to create an internationally qualified and capable workforce. To support our Omanisation strategy we continually invest in training for development in order to ensure good quality jobs for our Omani workforce and real management opportunities.

We build and nuture relationships with local colleges and universities to ensure that high quality work experience and training is provided for the workforce and management of the future.

Performance Development, Training and Awareness

We provide online mandatory training or all employees as part of their personal development programme. We engage with all our employees as talented partners contributing to our success and growth as a business. Individual development plans and performance rewards help our employees stretch their capabilities and those of the organisation. Formal feedback channels include an annual employee survey, as well as an annual appraisal process.

Apprentice Program

Our aim is to give apprentices the opportunity to work in the exciting world of the construction industry and build skills in their chosen profession. It’s also an opportunity for Douglas OHI to build an important talent pipeline for future skills and provide valuable industry experience and opportunities.

We have developed an implementation plan and strategy for attracting, recruiting, training, certifying/qualifying, employing and developing Omani nationals. Internally this plan will deliver the scope of the contract, secondarily to feed other ongoing contracts, as well as external parties as and when required.