It's OK to talk
about health,
safety & wellbeing

Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Health, Safety and Wellbeing is core to our values as a company which guides our strategy, beliefs and behaviors.

At Douglas OHI, our most valuable resources are our employees.

Health & Safety

Safety is our core value.

At Douglas OHI, our most valuable resources are our employees.

Health, safety and wellbeing are core values of Douglas OHI LLC

Our objective is to enhance the lives of all persons with an interest in our operations, be that as an employee (or their family members), supplier, customer, member of the community or end user.

We recognise our moral, legal and business responsibilities.

Our definition of safety differs to that used by many others. Being safe is not just about being free from physical harm, it is about whole person safety, including physical and mental health.

We commit to providing safe places of work and living standards deserving of our key assets, our people.

That commitment is underpinned by the our HSSE culture that makes safety simple to understand, relevant to people’s day-to-day actions and helps instill a pride in doing in it the “Douglas OHI way”.

As well as Health, Safety and Environmental Management systems accredited to international standards, we have been awarded for our approach to cultural change with our “It`s OK!” People Based Wellbeing Programme.

This programme challenges the norm and encourages interventions that are constructive at all levels of the organisation whilst recognising that cultural change isn’t just about workers behaviour, it engenders visible and felt leadership from the top down.

Our commitment to serving our employees and customers with care and respect is reflected in the way we do not fear publicising our best practice guides and information because we recognise our duty to continuously strive to improve the construction industry as a whole.