Acting responsibly is at the heart of all we do

Acting responsibly is at the heart of all we do at Douglas OHI. We believe that corporate social responsibility can make a positive difference for everyone – our employees, our business, our customers and the construction industry.

Everyone has a voice. Do the right thing. Take pride in what you do. Bring better to life. These four statements guide the culture and behaviours we need and value at Douglas OHI. Everything we do is based on these four values, and they underpin a framework of indicative behaviours expected at all levels of our organisation.

We deliver at pace and with energy, always focused on our customers’ needs, our colleagues and the big picture. This takes mutual trust, respect and appreciation. Douglas OHI is a place of change and constant improvement, where we're always pushing ourselves to find better ways of doing things: smarter, quicker, easier, for us and our customers and for their customers too.

It's not just about getting it done, and done right, but also about doing the right thing, for our business and our customers. Each of us owns what we do – proud of our work and the impact each of us has on the community around us.

We have made green thinking a key part of our company culture. Employees have been included in our environmental vision by getting them engaged and involved. We talk to and collaborate with team members and gather ideas.

Throughout Douglas OHI we have implemented activities that support our intent to reduce our environmental impacts. These impacts are generated through a number of aspects, including energy consumption from our operations, use of IT equipment, and materials use onsite and in our offices, as well as outlining the recycling services available at each location.

Throughout the business we have implemented programmes and activities that support our aim for improved corporate social responsibility performance. In just the past few months alone, our workforce has delivered a number of initiatives.

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