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Who is Gulf Contracting Co. (W.L.L)?

Gulf Contracting Co. (W.L.L) offers a wide range of construction activities for local and international clients operating in four main divisions:


AL Manjara Joinery

Spacemaker Prefabricated Buildings

Interspace Interior fit-out

They are based in Doha, Qatar with a workforce of over 9,300. Their mission is to be a leader and corporate participant in the construction industry in Qatar. To build, maintain and perpetuate continuing relationship with every customer through total commitment to quality without compromise, timely completion, excellent construction and safety performance.

Gulf Contracting Co. (W.L.L.) and Douglas OHI

Just like Douglas OHI, Gulf Contracting is part of the Interserve support system. They therefore hold similar visions to us but in Qatar, aiming to create buildings and infrastructure to help the growing population.