Delivering Quality Operational Excellence

Douglas OHI is committed to attaining excellence in quality management via strong client engagement understanding their expectations and investing in our diverse workforce to ensure their competence in system application.

We also ensure quality standards through all stages of the project delivery. We constantly challenge ourselves to achieve optimum delivery solutions which represent best value for our clients. This approach is also complimented by our investment in research and development which aims to continuously improve technology and the construction process.

We are continually evolving our policies and procedures ahead of expectations and legal requirements. Together with our commitment to training, we are confident that the quality of our projects, staff, systems and procedures will improve one step ahead of our competitors.

Our Quality Management System aims to achieve uniformity in our business processes, demonstrate stakeholder expectation and deliver projects on time, on budget, to a standard of quality excellence and is accredited to ISO 9001 Quality Management System Requirements.

This accreditation ensures continuity of our operations, conformance of our projects to defined quality standards, and attainment of best practice construction methodology and process. Quality audits are carrying out at predefined regular intervals.

The quality system improvement plans are dynamic and have positive impact on the achievement of Douglas OHI’s mission, goals and objectives. These effective quality programmes will help us to reduce the cost of quality.

Douglas OHI is committed to collaborative business relationship management in the construction industry through formal partnering relationships both internally and externally achieved by transparent consultation, joint collaborations and a considerate approach to all aspects of management.