Individually we can do great things, but together we can achieve so much more

Redha Hussain Saied,

HR Manager

  1. How long have you been with the company and what is your job role?

    I’ve been with Douglas for just over 3 years as the HR Manager.

  2. What is the most positive aspect of HSSE you have seen during your time at Douglas OHI?

    Last year when undertaking an LR4 in Sohar I was pleasantly surprised with how everyone take health and safety so seriously. Right from engagement from the workforce and their willingness to learn how about safety. This is clearly evident with all the initiatives and training provided at our project sites and documented in this monthly HSSE newsletter.

  3. What does safety mean to you?

    To me, safety is to never compromise a person’s well-being to finish a job. We work in a stressful environment, but it’s never worth taking shortcuts and risk an accident.

  4. What does your job entail?

    HR people have a curious role. We have to interact evenly with the leadership team and the employees in a dual “dance” to both minimise potential risk to the company, and care for the people. I have to ensure that Douglas OHI and all employees stay healthy, and strategically add to the profitability, purpose, and culture of the company.

  5. What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

    The most rewarding is taking care of others in a meaningful way. My favourite part is when I’ve reached a place in the working relationship where the trust is mutual, where they say, “Redha has this. We’re good.” And then I do.

  6. What is something surprising about you?

    Well I’m actually a very good squash player and could quite easily give the Corporate HSSE Manager a run for his money on court.